Artist Spotlight - Manue AG

Artist Spotlight - Manue AG

Born in Togo, West Africa, and now based in America, Manue is an artist-illustrator and designer who has had an eye for creating art from a young age.

The self-proclaimed, self-taught artist has delved into experimenting with mediums like acrylics, gouache, pastel and digital in the hopes of finding her niche, one that is inspired by her African heritage, minimalistic art style and the modernist movement.


Cauris Girl


Manue’s artwork features abstract figures, light neutral colours and incredible line details. The subject of her art often centres on Black females, love, relationships and identity. “Eye-catching art that can evoke an emotion, start a conversation and bring people together is what I live for,” she has said. “I live to create beauty; I live to create emotions and memorable illustrations that inspire inclusivity and embrace diversity among communities”.

When she’s not working, Manue has an entrepreneurial side to her. She founded both Natur’in and Manue.Studio, enthused by her love for nature, interior design and art.


Black Love
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