The Positive Effects Of Black Lives Matter In the Black Contemporary Art Industry

Recent years have seen the growth of the black lives matter movement propelled into one of the urgent social injustice topics on earth and with good reason too. From talking points in every publication worth its salt to social media activity and crossing the mediums to the art world.  Artists of colour, street artists and graffiti artists have been putting their weight behind the movement to add their voice to the cause.

Street Art and Black Lives Matter

Graffiti has long been a feature on and of the feelings of the  the streets the world over.  Protests in support of Black Lives matter in Hollywood, Los Angeles, New York to London were supported by murals depicting recent events that were captured and shared worldwide once more shining a spotlight on the issues faced by black communities the world over.

Street art  murals in recent times has seen a resurgence in popularity and is allowing artists a spotlight to showcase their art by creating pieces that speak directly to people on issues that are affecting them in the here and now. These humbling works murals are scenes to be captured, shared and discussed, raising awareness for both the creator and cause simultaneously.

The power that representative street art can have on the immediate and wider community cannot be dismissed. People need to be heard, to feel part of something and those who can give hope and a voice to others through their art should be celebrated. None is more poignant than the now permanent mural that reads All Black Lives Matter along Hollywood Boulevard.

As the world continues to evolve and create dialogue around the black lives matter movement, POC art has seen an increase in popularity as the spotlight is shone on the imagery created in direct response to current events. 

Art collectors and collections have expanded to include notable pieces of artwork created in light of BLM and artworks created by black artists given the much deserved spotlight after years of underrepresentation.  There is an element of "conscious collecting" from art lovers new and old when choosing which artists to now support.   Artwork created around pivotal moments in black history speaks of passion, of people's experiences and of pride. With technology allowing for art created to be viewed by a wider audience, using contemporary art to share a message is now more impactful and of course, instant to keep up with current events in a timescale that is not only immediate but in context with what it is representing.

What can't be denied is that art created in the wake of Black Lives Matter will forever represent a period of time that resonated on a profound level, worldwide, with more than the black community. It will be viewed as a creative expression of the struggle for the equality, the fight it took to create a wider awareness of the history and struggles people of colour face the world over. What effect this will have on the online galleries and art collections that they feature in will remain to be seen, but there is no denying that the movement itself has allowed people to showcase themselves in a multitude of ways that captures a period of history that will forever be significant to so many.

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