Christopher Samuel Idowu - Artist

Christopher Samuel Idowu (b.1995) is a Nigerian visual artist from Badagry, Lagos whose elder brother's doodles in comic books served as an inspiration for art that began in his childhood. Following his passion, he studied at Yaba college of Technology where he majored in Painting. He has also interned with Space29.7 under the mentorship of renowned Nigerian painter, Raji Mohammed B. 

Christopher Samuel Idowu - artist

Christopher explores and documents studies of the human form taken from his immediate environment in different forms through drawings and paintings. He works in different media including Conte, charcoal, watercolours, acrylics and oils to convey a visual commentary on societal contradiction through distinctly selected subjects.

His ideology and philosophy views art as integral to human existence; in this course, he considers himself experiential. He has participated in few selected group exhibitions in Nigeria.