Luis Eru - Artist

Luis Eru was born in January 1998, in the city of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. He grew up in Belo Horizonte and never left the city, even though he went to 5 schools and never moved.

Luis Sergio - artist

He became interested in art when he was a teenager, when he saw some 3D arts that colleagues were doing digitally in a computer graphics course he took. But the art world captivated him more and more to start using and looking for his own style to create his works until he came across them as collages. So he started to show more and more how to print his own style. Since then, he started going to more cultural centers, even though he was away from his home, until he managed to participate in an art fair for the first time next to Sarau uai, in a cultural resistance space called Luiz Estrela, in Belo Horizonte. This was one of the happiest days of his life, his family was present, even though he didn't sell any work. He felt complete with the compliments of people he met and that in the future he would work with. He is a man with the soul of a boy who shines his eyes on making a simple dream come true, but for people of his social class, he feels, almost impossible. his job is to transfer the emotion that he feels in never really leaving his city, feeling the fear of being condemned to stay in it forever. Not being able to see the colors of the different seasons in different landscapes without having the brightness of a canvas on his face. Creating something that his imagination transcends that emotion.