Manue Ag- Illustrator

"There is beauty in everything and everywhere. You just have to trust your eyes, the most powerful lens that no one can replicate.  

Eye-catching art that can evoke an emotion, start a conversation, and bring people together, is what I live for. 

I live to create beauty, I live to create emotions and memorable illustrations, that inspire inclusivity and embrace diversity among communities

Through the use of a bold colour palette and distinctive line work, I love to illustrate black women and men in their most beautiful and unique portrait.

Manue Ag - Artist

My name is Manue Adoude Akue-Gedu. I am originally from Togo  (West Africa). I have been creating since my young age, through the exploration of different art forms. I consider myself a self-taught artist. 

As of today, I continue to learn and practice with different mediums including (acrylic, gouache, pastel, and digital) in the quest to build a unique and distinctive style inspired by my African heritage, the modernist movement, and the minimalist art style. "

Manue Ag