Nadia Wamunyu


Nadia Wamunyu, is a well-establish contemporary visual artist. She strongly believes that she was born an artist.


"The universe neglected my hearing but gave me sight and mind to work with. My art is an expression of myself". 

At the tender age of eight she realised she could record her memories, experiences, tastes and feelings through drawing.

"Now, people understand my perspective, how I think, my vision and desires much more effectively. My art feels like a relief from the stress of vocal communication that I struggle with. My wild brush is the only tool that complies to the dance of the rhythm of my soul with every motion and brush stroke I make." Her  art not only decorates society, it also expresses emotions, struggles, desires and most importantly her perspectives.

"I also can’t help but view artists as the third eye of society; this skill is like a pass to a special and unique dimension of the world and society, that I only can access. I can then report my findings and reactions to these revelations by replicating it on the canvas or paper."

   "I aspire to have my own studio and venture into garden art and landscaping with my Dads help, as a means of extra income and even experiment with other forms i.e. portraits, memories,Women’s Rights, feminism, culture, environment and illustration. I use charcoal on paper, coffee, inks, bleach and oil paint  on canvas to create my artwork"