Patti Endo

Patti Endo

Patti Endo was born 1997 in Tokyo, Japan, and studied fine art painting and critical thinking at the  University of Brighton, UK. 

Deriving influences from both her African and Japanese parentage, Patti Endo’s curiosity is drawn  to the mysteries of the human body. 

As a conscious act, whether working with a model, from imagination or self-portraiture, Endo documents her inner and outer self, spontaneously seeking and charting her path in the world,  memorialising both the painful and triumphant facets of her existence. 

Endo’s drawings are mostly made on small sheets of paper. They are intimate, shameless,  exploratory and sensual, allowing the viewer to look inside themselves, to reconsider their  stereotypes of those around them, to remind us of the brevity of youth, beauty and life itself, to  challenge modes of perceptions of reality, and to question where in fact our very identity lies and  how it is constructed. 

Endo has participated in several group exhibitions in Nairobi and Dubai, as well as solo exhibitions  in Japan. 

She lives and works in Nairobi, Kenya.