Tope Ajayi - Artist

Tope Ajayi was born and grew up in Ibadan, Nigeria. He would best describe himself as a multi-faceted artist. He is inspired and challenged everytime to create with different media. Sometimes, this cuts through visual and audio-visual experience with different aesthetics and approach. With primary interest and strength in time-based art which he merges with other forms of visual art, this defines his kind of art. He is presently creating art by fusing traditional art, digital art and photography together. 

Tope Ajayi - artist

"My art reflects themes of Afro-centricism, Afro-futurism and Afro-surrealism as I'm very passionate about these concepts. My work process is deeply spiritual, sometimes, experimental. But, very practical. When people can find themselves and their place in my art, then it has served its purpose."