Ukandi Atsu - Artist

Ukandi Atsu is a Nigerian born visual Artist who currently resides in Abuja Nigeria. He terms his art to be an evolutionary process of experiencing and discovery. Using photography as his primary medium, he has infused ideas and techniques from Digital Collage, Surrealism, Renaissance art, as he is hugely influenced by those. The subject topics of most of his works’ border on the socio-political and cultural history of the societies and communities he grew up in or close to and he uses the male and female figures as primary subjects of his work. Over the years, his works have combined elements of art history ranging from iconic renaissance artworks to subtle infusions of conceptual works by more contemporary artists, not limiting them to one genre of Art e.g., Photography or Collage but rather viewing his
progress as an ongoing experimental/ experiential journey. He subtly shed light to issues ranging from the political to gender to racial; all from his personal perspective or points of view. More recently, he has sought to work in the lines of representation, trying to recreate certain iconic pieces but using the African bodies, historical elements and local elements such as fabric, ornaments and utensils as subject of the works. He has exhibited at the 2021 Abuja International Festival held at The Swedish Embassy and Institut du Francais, and the ‘There Has to Be Something’ Exhibition at the Terra-Kulture Art Gallery in