Wisil Mitty-Artist

Wisil Mitty, born Kofi A. Ntiforo, is a filmmaker and artist from Ghana working between London and Accra.
His educational background is one which took a turn into the world of construction and project management.
With a passion for art constantly burning from within, he pursued art through film in his spare time. Currently a self-taught professional filmmaker and artist, his strongest asset has always been the freedom to imagine and explore techniques to actualise these imaginations. He explores the digital medium to create colourful illustrations.
As an artist who loves to explore the subtext, Wisil Mitty’s characters are faceless and imaginary, envisioned from daydreams, overnight dreams and his imagination. Common characters recurring in his pieces are either dogs or human figures silhouetted against a backdrop of colourful gradients.
The motivation for the choice of these characters is purely allegorical to the friendship between humans and dogs, telling a long story of life from a mundane yet surrealist point of view.
 Features & Exhibitions: - Ogilvy & Medicom Rooted Virtual Exhibition 2020 - Kroll & ArtCan Shape Of The New Exhibition 2021 - Buzzfeed Article Feature: “15 Talented Black Artists You Should Know About”: https:// www.buzzfeed.com/hanifahrahman/black-artists - Arcca Magazine Filmmaker Feature: https://www.arccamagazine.com/kofi-ntiforo
Artist Wisil Mitty