The Intersection of Music and Art: Black Visual Artists Behind Iconic Album Covers

The Intersection of Music and Art: Black Visual Artists Behind Iconic Album Covers


The world of visual arts and music is often intertwined, intersecting in the form of captivating and thought-provoking album artwork. These collaborations between musicians and visual artists serve not only as a preview to the music contained within but also as a standalone piece of art. This article illuminates the finest of such collaborations, particularly those involving black visual artists. Their contributions to the art scene are distinctive, powerful, and vibrant, yet they often languish in the shadows. These collaborations deserve more recognition for their ingenuity, depth, and social relevance. 

Album artwork has the power to command attention and create a lasting impression. It's not merely an accessory to the music, but rather a crucial component of the overall artistic expression. When we think about great album covers, we are invariably drawn to those that form an inseparable bond with the music they represent. They are the visual counterparts to the sonic narratives, the tangible to the auditory. 

"Art, in its many forms, serves as a visual language, a means by which artists can express complex ideas and emotions."

Black visual artists have been instrumental in contributing to this visual language, often addressing issues of identity, race, and society in their work. Their collaboration with musicians amplifies these messages, reaching a wider audience. Such collaborations not only heighten the auditory experience but also encourage us to engage with the intrinsic socio-political commentary often present in the artwork. 

Here at, we shine a spotlight on these collaborations, particularly those that are cool, esoteric,  perfect for the socially aware customer. Let's delve into these artistic alliances that have not only defined musical eras but also challenged societal norms and opened conversations on important topics.

Unveiling the Best Black Visual Artists and Album Artwork Collaborations of All Time

Imbued with deep symbolism, soul-stirring narratives, and unique aesthetics, the collaborative works between Black visual artists and musicians have been instrumental in shaping the cultural landscape. This intersection between art and music, where creative minds converge, has birthed some of the most iconic album artwork in history. Let's delve into the impressive realm of these collaborations, unearthing some of the greatest of all time. 

1. Jean-Michel Basquiat and Rammellzee: 'Beat Bop' 


One of the most iconic collaborations in Hip Hop album artwork history was between the legendary artist Jean-Michel Basquiat and the rapper Rammellzee. Basquiat, renowned for his raw Neo-Expressionist pieces, created the cover for Rammellzee's 1983 single 'Beat Bop'. The artwork, much like the music, is a riotous celebration of the frenzied, energetic spirit of Hip Hop. 

Basquiat's artwork for 'Beat Bop' became a symbol for the chaotic, vibrant energy of hip hop during its formative years. The cover is now considered a cultural artefact, embodying the spirit of a definitive era.

2. Kehinde Wiley and Michael Jackson: 'Michael' 


In another significant collaboration, acclaimed artist Kehinde Wiley was chosen by the legendary pop icon Michael Jackson himself to create the cover for his posthumous album, 'Michael'. Wiley's signature style of reimagining classical art with contemporary figures of colour took centre stage in this representative artwork. 

3. David Hammons and Miles Davis: 'On the Corner' 


The renowned visual artist David Hammons was behind the cover of Miles Davis' 1972 jazz fusion album 'On the Corner'. This artwork, reflecting the raw and unfiltered culture of the New York streets, beautifully echoes Davis’ experimental and innovative spirit. 

4. Kara Walker and Santigold: '99¢' 



Acclaimed artist Kara Walker and musician Santigold collaborated on the cover for Santigold's 2016 album '99¢'. Walker's provocative and unflinching exploration of racism and sexism in America found a unique expression in this album cover. 

These collaborations are not merely a fusion of two artistic disciplines, but a potent demonstration of the transformative power of art. They serve as a testament to the immense talent and creative prowess of Black visual artists, and their significant contributions to the world of music and beyond. 

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