How Lockdown has Inspired a New Wave of Art Activism

 Lockdown has not been all gloom and doom. For some artists, it has been the ideal muse. Here, we look at how lockdown will inspire art activism.

There have been very few positives to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns. It has been a time of death and financial devastation with the addition of the horrifying death of George Floyd in America. However, with darkness always comes light, and in this case, it is the art that has been inspired by world events.

Let us take a look at Hust Wilson, for example.  Wilson focuses on illustration and typography who created a range of striking black and white typography posters to inspire people to rise up against racism.  Adrian Meadows and Emmanuel Wisdom were both part of the same project, where 12 black typography and lettering artists came together. Prints could be downloaded and printed for free, encouraging people to appreciate a new wave of black culture and entertainment, not typically seen, as well as showing their solidarity towards the black community and the issues they face day in, day out. 

Other popular black artists - Cassi Namoda being one, have been using the time spent in lockdowns and isolation to create spectacular pieces of art that explore youth, life systems and the passing of time, amongst other things. Because the exhibitions that she is presenting in are only online, it gives more people than ever a chance to access contemporary black art and unearth the magical meanings behind it.